Should you be a business owner, investor, entrepreneur or self employed?

In many instances you'll find that in order to quantum leap your financial resources, to become rich and wealthy you'll have to move beyond being an employee to one of business owner, investor, entrepreneur or at a minimum self-employed.

If you haven't been conditioned or taught to do for yourself as it relates to being a business owner the thought can be daunting or scary to say the least. You're reminded that there are literally millions of people who own their own businesses if nothing more than to supplement the income they receive from their regular job, boost retirement savings, increase their freedom fund or simply ensure they aren't too dependent on one source of revenue.

While you're never too old to get started owning and operating your own business the sooner you get started the better.

Entrepreneurship, being a business owner, investor or self-employed should be part of one's academic and life lessons before graduating high school. This is especially true for future generations.

Most of us have learned that you can not be too dependent upon any major corporation or government to provide for you and your family. Additionally, the money you may have saved over a number of years, the equity built up in your home or investment properties could be wiped out at any time with little control on your part.

To give yourself and your family the best opportunities for long-term success not only is it wise to invest in different industries and asset classes it's equally if not more wise to invest in various business ventures, products and services.

I don't claim to have all the answers, but what's been shared seems like basic knowledge and again the goal is to encourage the youth to pay greater attention to entrepreneurship, being a business owner, investor or self-employed. Just think how far you and I would have been if someone had only shared this information with us earlier on.

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Leaving Your Corporate Job

It's true the internet marketing and make money online industry may afford you the opportunity to leave your corporate job and live the life you've imagined. Given you have the right mindset, steps, tools and resources you may achieve your goal.

Below you'll find five basic steps needed to leave your corporate job and start earning money online. However, like any amount of good information it only becomes great when you put it to use, quick fast and in a hurry. The sooner you get started the sooner new windows of opportunities will be revealed. 
STEP 1- Find something you enjoy doing that brings value to the lives of other people and/or their businesses.
STEP 2-Start doing that activity that you enjoy doing that brings value to the lives of other people and/or their businesses ensuring that it's something that may earn money, preferably passive/residual income.
STEP 3-Reinvest a large part of your money back into your business, so that it starts earning double or triple the amount you're currently earning at your regular job.
STEP 4-Save part of your earnings from your new business venture in an interest bearing account.
STEP 5-Reduce your consumer spending as much as possible, drastically pay down debt, negotiate lower payments with creditors (often it's a matter of you picking up the phone and asking), sell those consumer products you haven't used, don't use or don't plan to use anytime soon. The sooner you do what was mentioned in the sentence above while earning additional money from your business the sooner you're able to leave your corporate job.
CONSIDERATIONS: The five steps mentioned are meant as a framework to get you to thinking in a certain way. You may rearrange, add to or takeaway from what's mentioned as long as you think, plan and execute your exit strategy from corporate America.
If you don't know what business to start, are seeking a business that allows you to work from your computer, has relatively low to no start up cost and may truly position you to earn residual/passive revenue you'll want to consider internet marketing (making money online).
Some of the ways you may make money online include, but not limited to publishing ebooks (my favorite), affiliate marketing (my second favorite), creating jvs (joint ventures which is my third favorite) and blogging for dollars (many of you have a lot to say and with some focus you may turn your conversation into revenue). This only scratches the surface of the opportunities available to you given you, "THINK, PLAN, EXECUTE!"
In order to move from conversation to implementation you MUST TAKE MASSIVE AND REPEATED ACTION!
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Here's How You Get Out the Rat Race

Getting out of the rat race is not as difficult as you may think, especially if you're single with any dependents. There are two basic activities you'll want to do simultaneously to get out of the rat race. You'll want to increase your passive/residual revenue while decreasing your expenditures (bills) as much as possible.
If you're thinking this is easier said than done, I invite you to seek daily words of encouragement, motivation, inspiration and so on. Some of the ways and places you may get these words include writing out your own thoughts of positive words, commenting them to memory and saying them at least once when you wake up each sunrise and once right before you go to bed. When saying the words, do so with great emotion, meaning and devotion. In time you will find this to be most beneficial. Additionally, you may read passages from the Holy Qu'ran, Holy Bible, download daily inspirational mobile apps, find motivational speakers on Youtube, iTunes and so forth. The sooner you start looking the sooner you'll start finding. 

QUESTION: How do you get out the rat race?
ANSWER: In order to get out the rat race here’s what you’ll want to do. You adjust your thinking as to see yourself doing that which you desire to do, living where you desire to live, eating what you desire to eat, dressing and driving what you desire to wear and drive. You focus on earning the exact amount of money you desire to earn and when.
You entrench yourself in self-help, personal growth and development and motivational books (audio, paperback and ebook), attend webinars, seminars, workshops all while finding successful people to model yourself after.
You mentally, socially, spiritually and physically remove yourself from anyone, situation, circumstance and/or condition that doesn’t align with your new value system of being happy, healthy and wealthy!
You Focus Your Motivation as you deploy and employee the three step success system of“THINK, PLAN, EXECUTE!”
You decide where your passion, resources, academic, professional and life experiences are best utilized to add tremendous value to the life’s of others while positioning you to earn residual/passive revenue (money while you sleep). You get up one hour early and stay up one hour later than you normally do during your work schedule and you use that time to work your written plan. Additionally, use your so-called off days from your regular job to execute your passion (business).
You focus on the opportunity that has the greatest potential to bring you the most joy, while earning the most amount of money the fastest, over the longest period of time.

Online Money by Successfully Publishing Your Ebook

There are tens of thousands if not hundred of thousands of people around the world who make money every month, week and/or day publishing short and long, fiction and non-fiction ebooks. There are a number of people who started publishing ebooks part-time and following a system grew their income to a full time opportunity WITH a catch... The catch is they don't have to work the same number of hours creating, publishing and marketing their ebooks as they did on their regular job, because of the residual effect that's build into their system.

You too may earn money online publishing short and long, fiction and non-fiction ebooks. For full details on how to successfully create, publish and market your own ebooks add your email at EBOOK PUBLISHING

Kindle eBook Publishing Simple Steps to Success

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Amazon has invested tens of millions
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The lifeblood of their business with Kindle
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It's Not Hard In Fact

IT'S NOT HARD in fact.... Making money online can be easy especially if you;

#1- Pick a method and stick with it. This is where most people fail. They'll develop "Shiny object" syndrome and jump from program to program. The best way to avoid shiny object syndrome is to unsubscribe from marketing emails and stay away from webinars touting the next "latest & greatest" way to make money online.

#2- Commit to taking "Massive" action for a set period of time, say 6 months to a year. Put down the remote control, web surfing, FB for at least 6 months and you'll be amazed at how having the right focus will help you big time. One thing that I see is pretty consistent amongst the highly successful is that they allow very little if any outside distractions to interrupt their goal and watching TV is almost a total no no. (Even just having the TV on with it watching you is a big mistake).

#3- Don't try to make it to "Perfect". In other words, since we are on the Internet you don't have to make it all PERFECT right out the gate because you can always go back and easily improve things as you get better at doing them. (in fact since I'm writing this using my tablet, I'm not to concerned with making it "Perfect" I just want to get this info out to those that can use it). I've made this mistake myself and its cost me a lot in wasted time, ideas, money and lost sales. Don't sell crap, but at the same time don't delay yourself trying to make it PERFECT!. I have a good buddy of mine who has worked on a program that she was planning on selling online and so far it has taken her 4 years of "Getting it Right" simply because she is afraid of it not being perfect. 4 years!!

#4- See your outcome before it even happens. having a clear goal in mind makes working toward that goal even more rewarding. When writing out your goals include things like your family and how you'll be able to help others. i.e. now that I have reached my goal of making $XXX a month I can donate money to charity that help sick children, etc.

The biggest thing is to stay focused. Stick to one thing and one thing only because every time you change your mind you literally have to start from "Square One" all over again. So while you are constantly starting over, the person who is focused will have a huge lead on you simply because he / she choose to commit to one thing.

Hope this help anyone out there looking to start or are in the middle of starting an online venture.
Stay Focused!
Ty Cohen

Ty, posted this on Facebook and it was such a straightforward and useful read you may enjoy it too. Ty is the gentlemen that talks about the Kindle Publishing Cash Flow System

Make Money Online - Ecommerce

Electronic commerce continues its' upward mobility. More and more, people are getting high speed Internet access, more people are becoming comfortable with online transactions and more people are learning how to make money online. As more baby boomers look for new ways to supplement their time and make money  in retirement I think you'll have even more people participating in e-commerce.

In addition, younger generations are being brought up on the Internet and often will not have the same fears of e-commerce as generations before them. With mobile commerce given more attention it will only magnify electronic commerce globally.

I've seen continued growth in my online businesses and continue to make investments in online branding, marketing and promotions to ensure greater levels of success in electronic commerce.

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