Make Money Electronic Publishing While You Sleep

Electronic publishing may mean posting articles on your website and blog for everyone to read. It could also mean creating an ebook, info-product, special report or audio book using a secure digital delivery service for people to download for a fee or for free.

You could ask visitors to leave a donation, comment or link to your site as a way to compensate your electronic publishing efforts. Asking for a donation gives people the option to donate what they can without feeling obligated. In some instances you may get a considerable donation for your electronic publishing efforts. You could accept credit card donations online by having a merchant account and you could have an order form where people could mail in money. Donations may work well if you tie it into a worthy cause or charitable organization. Remember to get permission before using an organizations name as you don’t want to infringe upon anyone’s tradename or trademark. For details on securing your on tradename or trademark download How to Self Publish for Profit.

Once your article is on your website or blog and you have the ability to accept payment online, you have effectively positioned yourself to make money while you sleep from your electronic publishing efforts.

Another way to make money electronic publishing on the Internet is by creating and selling an ebook, info-product, special report or audio book using a secure digital delivery service on your own website (get a website for a low price at 1and1) or on someone else's. I’d suggest you write about what you have a passion for or specialized skill in. As a school teacher you could write a ebook or special report on how to improve your child’s reading. As a firefighter you may write a ebook on how to save your family in case of fire. The list of how to books is a long as your imagination.

The great thing is you could make money electronic publishing while you sleep. You only need to spend an hour or two a day promoting, writing and publishing your ebook, special report or info-product using a secure digital delivery service. The more you do the easier it becomes and the quicker you’ll see tangible results.

This is meant to either get you started or get your creative juices flowing so you can create and implement a practical marketing plan for your ebook, info-product, special report or self published paper back book. Remember your plan need not be elaborate for you to achieve success. It does call for you to take immediate daily action.

One of the best ways to help yourself is to help others. Please link to this page, forward to others, bookmark in your favorites and take immediate action today.

JaWar, is the Author of the Music Industry Connection Book Series, How to Self Publish for Profit, the Atlanta Modeling Industry Secrets Revealed and numerous ebooks and special reports. He is a music business and self publishing consultant with an emphasis on marketing, strategic planning and implementation. To book JaWar for speaking engagements or set up consulting time call 800-963-0949 or contact Hasson at 404-964-1880.

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