Make Money Online with Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization or seo will increase the chances you’ll make money online. Search engine optimization is the business of increasing your sites ranking in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Specialty Search Sites.

Optimizing your site with relevant keywords helps increase targeted traffic (visitors) to your site in turn increasing your chances to make money online by selling visitors ebooks, info-products, special reports and other digital content. You’ll want to follow the basic steps below to optimize your site, increasing your chances to make money online:

• Create a list of keywords and keyword phrases visitors are most likely to use to find your site using a search engine.
• Use the list of keywords and keyword phrases to create articles, stories and other relevant content.
• Add new relevant content to your site regularly. Add content daily, weekly, bimonthly, or monthly.
• The most relevant keywords or keyword phrase should be used in the title of the page.
• Post comments on your friends Myspace Pages with a link in your comments pointing to your website. Do this at least once a week. The more you do the greater your search engine ranking.
• Post a listing on about your business. Include a few links pointing to your website. Do this monthly.
• Ask other sites that compliment your business to link to your site.

There’s an entire industry around search engine optimization and how to make money online. This merely gets you started. For details on search engine optimization do a search on Google, Yahoo and MSN for “search engine optimization” and “seo.” Also, read blogs and books about seo. I’ve found some great information browsing through the local bookstore.

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