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Sometimes I get overwhelmed with all the opportunities to make money online. Between keeping my own blogs and post updated, servicing my existing clients and seeking new ones I’m not always able to move as quickly as I’d like with the many ways to make money online.

In any event last night I came across a site that pays bloggers to review news releases. You are paid per posting and it appears there is no cap on your earning potential. You are paid via paypal. You can get an account at

Some of the basic requirements to be accepted are your site must receive some level of traffic, must be indexed into Google and Yahoo Search Engines, you must post at least three times a week on average and your blog must be at least three (3) months old.

Your blog must not have any offensive language, links, resources or otherwise refer to something questionable by the masses i.e. no porn or reference to sexual things, I would imagine.

As I stated earlier I’m not able to take advantage of every opportunity I find, so I’ve yet to participate, but I shall. The site is They pay about $5 per blog post. A few blog post per week and you could make enough money online to pay for fuel cost.

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