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If you've ever sent email, chatted online, posted in an online forum, maintained a blog or have something to say you can make money online. One of the ways to make money on the Internet is by writing articles for

According to, you must join their Writers Compensation Program and have a Paypal Account before you are paid. What's good about ehow is they have a built in online community that may make it easier for you to attract readers. Also they have an existing system for someone who is just beginning to write and make money online.

While may be a good starting point I would not end there. According to ehow "there is no pay range per article" and every article submitted may not earn any money. What this means is you could spend time writing, reviewing and editing your article upload it to and not generate any money from your efforts -that sucks. LOL

Outside of ehow you can make money on the Internet by writing an ebook, special report or blog. With an ebook or special report you get paid every time someone downloads your digital product. With a blog you could generate revenue from advertising. You could sell advertising on your own, through a broker or use the Google Adsense program. Content is King on the Internet. The more content you have the more readers you'll attract. The more readers you attract the greater the likelihood you'll make money online.

As of this writing the Google Adsense program is one of the easiest ways to begin to generate revenue from your writing online. With the Google Adsense program whenever someone clicks on your Google Ads you make money online. Essentially, the advertiser pays Google per click and Google pays you a portion of that money. The price per click is typically small, but with enough significant traffic you could have enough clicks to make you some consistent extra cash every month.

I've found that a mix of different ways to make money online (multiple streams of revenue) is the best way to ensure you make consistent income.
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