Make Money Online in Music

Are you making money online yet, you should be? Affiliate programs are a good way to make money on the Internet. Read my make money online as an affiliate post for full details.

If you're interested in making money on the Internet while helping aspiring recording artists and music producers advance their music careers, you may want to become an affiliate of ARMusic1.

ARMusic1 gives emerging recording artist the ability to have their music heard my major label record labels and A&R responsible for music placement in other mediums. Payout for affiliates are between 15% to 40%. The percentage is performance based so the more people you can convert to use ARMusic1 the better your earning potential.

I've been an affiliate and have been paid a few times already. I haven't marketed and promoted this affiliate program as much as I have some of the others, but it has yielded me extra gas money. :-)
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