Here's How You Get Out the Rat Race

Getting out of the rat race is not as difficult as you may think, especially if you're single with any dependents. There are two basic activities you'll want to do simultaneously to get out of the rat race. You'll want to increase your passive/residual revenue while decreasing your expenditures (bills) as much as possible.
If you're thinking this is easier said than done, I invite you to seek daily words of encouragement, motivation, inspiration and so on. Some of the ways and places you may get these words include writing out your own thoughts of positive words, commenting them to memory and saying them at least once when you wake up each sunrise and once right before you go to bed. When saying the words, do so with great emotion, meaning and devotion. In time you will find this to be most beneficial. Additionally, you may read passages from the Holy Qu'ran, Holy Bible, download daily inspirational mobile apps, find motivational speakers on Youtube, iTunes and so forth. The sooner you start looking the sooner you'll start finding. 

QUESTION: How do you get out the rat race?
ANSWER: In order to get out the rat race here’s what you’ll want to do. You adjust your thinking as to see yourself doing that which you desire to do, living where you desire to live, eating what you desire to eat, dressing and driving what you desire to wear and drive. You focus on earning the exact amount of money you desire to earn and when.
You entrench yourself in self-help, personal growth and development and motivational books (audio, paperback and ebook), attend webinars, seminars, workshops all while finding successful people to model yourself after.
You mentally, socially, spiritually and physically remove yourself from anyone, situation, circumstance and/or condition that doesn’t align with your new value system of being happy, healthy and wealthy!
You Focus Your Motivation as you deploy and employee the three step success system of“THINK, PLAN, EXECUTE!”
You decide where your passion, resources, academic, professional and life experiences are best utilized to add tremendous value to the life’s of others while positioning you to earn residual/passive revenue (money while you sleep). You get up one hour early and stay up one hour later than you normally do during your work schedule and you use that time to work your written plan. Additionally, use your so-called off days from your regular job to execute your passion (business).
You focus on the opportunity that has the greatest potential to bring you the most joy, while earning the most amount of money the fastest, over the longest period of time.
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