The Secret to Ebook Marketing

Ebook marketing is necessary if you’re going to make money online. Ebook marketing entails the secret law of success. That is create a basic ebook marketing plan, nothing fancy. Then do what most people don’t do, execute, meaning work your ebook marketing plan relentlessly. Everyday invest time toward working your marketing plan.

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How do you create an ebook marketing plan?

Decide what your specific goal or objective is.
Example-Sell 2,000 downloads of your ebook, info-product or special report

Decide on your time frame to achieve your goal.
Example-12 months from the day you start

Determine your target/niche market (demographic).
Example-Aspiring Music Business Professionals

In outline format create a list of ways to market your ebook, info-product, special report or self published book.

Put a price next to every way you select to market your ebook.

Start marketing your ebook immediately. The longer you wait the more market share you loose.
Delay will cripple your learning curve and potential to make money online.

Your ebook marketing plan should include some of the following tools:

Email newsletter
Your own website
Myspace page
- Social networking websites are great, but you want your own space, domain name or web address. Get your own website address today at 1and1.
Press release
Business cards
Word of mouth
Free teleseminar (telephone seminar)
Free webinar (Internet seminar)
Video email
Video blog

I’ve used some portion of each of these tools to promote the Music Industry Connection Book Series. One of the quickest ways to build a quality opt-in email list is by setting up an automated sevice where guest can subscribe and unsubscribe to your newsletter. Next you’ll want to set up an account with a popular or niche specific social networking site such as Myspace, Google or Facebook. Once your account is set up you’ll want to include a short form where guest on your social networking page can automatically join your email newsletter.

Creating a short video for your ebook, info-product, special report or self published paperback book is an awesome way to market your book.

You could use your video in the following ways:

Upload your video to your Myspace, Facebook, Youtube Site, etc.
Upload your video to your official website and blog pages.
Email your video in your newsletter.

This is meant to either get you started or get your creative juices flowing so you can create and implement a practical marketing plan for your ebook, info-product, special report or self published paper back book. Remember your plan need not be elaborate for you to achieve success. It does call for you to take immediate daily action.

One of the best ways to help yourself is to help others. Please link to this page, forward to others, bookmark in your favorites and take immediate action today.

JaWar, is the Author of the Music Industry Connection Book Series, How to Self Publish for Profit, the Atlanta Modeling Industry Secrets Revealed and numerous ebooks and special reports. He is a music business and self publishing consultant with an emphasis on marketing, strategic planning and implementation. To book JaWar for speaking engagements or set up consulting time call 800-963-0949 or contact Hasson at 404-964-1880.

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