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Some people quickly shy away from network marketing for a multitude of reasons. I imagine most people don’t like the thought of the “if you don’t work, you don’t eat” reality of how network marketing works. Many folks would much rather get a regular paycheck. Nor do they like the thought of having to constantly talk to strangers. The Internet has made network marketing a bit more doable for people who fear talking to strangers face to face at least in theory.

Case and point. I got involve with a network marketing program for a few reasons. One reason is that this particular program was related to one of my long time industries, the music business. This program offered artist multiple revenue stream earning potential outside of merely selling their mp3 downloads as in the case with most digital distribution retail store websites. More importantly this network marketing company/program was web based and was directly tied into the music business. Effectively, I could make money online in the music business, while I sleep, play or work somewhere else. I could also build a downline (team) online. This means I’d get paid a percentage when my team members make money online or off.

Because of my existing involvement in the music business. I’ve been able to integrate my network marketing company into my existing systems making residual/passive income utilizing my intellectual properties.

I will admit I have not made a ton of money thus far. I’ve made back my initial investment and continue to generate enough passive income where the business is at least paying for itself thus far. I’ve been in for about nine months. I have not done all that I could do to make this business more profitable, but it is all a learning experience.

Tell me know about your network marketing or mlm experience. Leave a comment. You may visit my network marketing business online by clicking here. This is a good place to download great independent and mainstream music. Watch the commercial, feel free to join if you want another way to make money online and create passive /residual income for yourself and family.

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