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I'm not sure how I found this one, but offers a pretty cool service for setting up your own internet store to make money online. While the concept isn't entirely new the look and feel of the site is fairly user friendly. According to your store should be up and running in minutes.

For someone new to the Internet or merely wanting to create another source of residual/passive income Zlio may be the answer on how to make money online. The site looks fun and easy enough to use that I plan on setting up my on Zlio Store.

Zlio Drawbacks:
  1. One thing I didn't see that is a drawback to me is the ability to use your own url. As it is now when you set up your own store you will get a url such as instead of being able to have

  2. I didn't clearly see on the site how much money you'd receive per transaction.
Zlio Goodstuff:
  1. Setting up your on Internet Store seems fairly simple and quick to do.

  2. Zlio offers a number of products you can place in your store.

  3. There are multiple ways to get paid from your Zlio Account:
    • Whenever someone buys a product from your store.
    • Whenever someone else signs up to Zlio through your account.
    • Whenever the person you signed up through your page signs someone else up.
    • When someone click on the advertsiments in your store.
What You Need to Start Your Own Zlio Store:
  1. An email address. You can get a free email at yahoo, hotmail or gmail.
  2. A paypal account. You may get a paypal account at
Even though setting up your own Internet Store through Zlio, may be fairly quick and simple, like most businesses you'll have to market and promote it to increase the likelihood you'll make money online. If you 're interested in getting one-on-one or phone consultation call 800-963-0949 to schedule an appointment with JaWar.
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