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Become an affiliate of various products and services that are directly related to your website or blogs theme, that will help your readers and enhance your sites listing of useful resources and you run the risk of using links to make money online and build your credibility.

Because you’ll stay with your site or blog’s theme, your affiliate links will be placed in an organic an natural fashion. Similar to the way the links and resources are found throughout this blog. While myspace has been a great way to promote for many and make money for some, it’s not really your or my space. I’ve always advocated that people register their own domain name and create their own website or blog space. I’ve used 1and1 to register domain names. I’m an affiliate of 1and1 so if you register your domain name by clicking here or 1and1 I would make money online.

I gave an example of how you can make money online using affiliate links in an organic or natural fashion. In this way you don’t have to sell as much as you have to help others, by solving a problem, answering a question, making life easier on others, bringing pleasure and/or helping to boost someone else’s business. For more information on affiliates, how they work and how you can use them to make money online read my post Make Money Online As An Affiliate.


Inbound links from highly qualified sites and blogs will greatly increase your search engine ranking. What this means is you want to aquire links from sites and blogs that are related to yours that rank high in search engines, themselves have a significant number of inbound links and a wealth of content. By getting a significant number of highly qualified inbound links to your website or blog you’ll dramatically improve the chances of your sites listing high with search engines and directories, thereby boosting your site or blogs unique visitors or traffic.

The more unique visitors you have the greater the chances someone will buy a product or service from your site in which you are an affiliate member. In the end, by you providing excellent content, resources and links for your sites' visitors, you greatly improve your opportunities to make money online.

Some of my sites that make me the most money or the ones that have a wealth of content and inbound and outbound links as found on this blog. You can make money online with links. Subscribe to the email list and feed above for updates on how you can make money online.

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