Leaving Your Corporate Job

It's true the internet marketing and make money online industry may afford you the opportunity to leave your corporate job and live the life you've imagined. Given you have the right mindset, steps, tools and resources you may achieve your goal.

Below you'll find five basic steps needed to leave your corporate job and start earning money online. However, like any amount of good information it only becomes great when you put it to use, quick fast and in a hurry. The sooner you get started the sooner new windows of opportunities will be revealed. 
STEP 1- Find something you enjoy doing that brings value to the lives of other people and/or their businesses.
STEP 2-Start doing that activity that you enjoy doing that brings value to the lives of other people and/or their businesses ensuring that it's something that may earn money, preferably passive/residual income.
STEP 3-Reinvest a large part of your money back into your business, so that it starts earning double or triple the amount you're currently earning at your regular job.
STEP 4-Save part of your earnings from your new business venture in an interest bearing account.
STEP 5-Reduce your consumer spending as much as possible, drastically pay down debt, negotiate lower payments with creditors (often it's a matter of you picking up the phone and asking), sell those consumer products you haven't used, don't use or don't plan to use anytime soon. The sooner you do what was mentioned in the sentence above while earning additional money from your business the sooner you're able to leave your corporate job.
CONSIDERATIONS: The five steps mentioned are meant as a framework to get you to thinking in a certain way. You may rearrange, add to or takeaway from what's mentioned as long as you think, plan and execute your exit strategy from corporate America.
If you don't know what business to start, are seeking a business that allows you to work from your computer, has relatively low to no start up cost and may truly position you to earn residual/passive revenue you'll want to consider internet marketing (making money online).
Some of the ways you may make money online include, but not limited to publishing ebooks (my favorite), affiliate marketing (my second favorite), creating jvs (joint ventures which is my third favorite) and blogging for dollars (many of you have a lot to say and with some focus you may turn your conversation into revenue). This only scratches the surface of the opportunities available to you given you, "THINK, PLAN, EXECUTE!"
In order to move from conversation to implementation you MUST TAKE MASSIVE AND REPEATED ACTION!
There are affiliate links in this message. Should you purchase a product there's a chance I will get paid, I hope you don't mind.
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