Make Money Online and Stop Being Broke

As of this writing we continue to be in an exciting time where an individual or small business can make money online with minimum capitol investment. With a computer, Internet access and a desire to achieve you too can move from being broke and position yourself to make money online.

Why are you still broke when you can make money online?

If you had the desire to make money online you could achieve your goal. Begin by reading books and magazines about how to make money online in your local bookstore or library. Consider yourself a sponge and absorb every ounce of information at your disposal. Take notes writing down important websites and details. As you make money online remember to go back and buy those books and magazines that gave you information and resources.

I make it a point to visit bookstores and read, read, read. Once the information becomes redundant in various books by different authors in the same subject I know I have found the fundamentals. The fundamentals don’t change.

Some of the fundamentals on how to make money online include:

Having a specific objective, mission, vision and goal
Creating a business, marketing and strategic plan
Branding your business. You need your own website. Social networking sites like Myspace, Facebook & Youtube are good for the moment, but may not cut it for the long run. Register your domain name and get hosting space for your website at 1and1.
Taking the long view – making money on the Internet isn’t a get rich quick scheme to riches, wealth or fame.
You typically get out what you put in
You need to keep your eyes and ears open on how your business can profit from new technologies.
It’s not about web traffic, SEO (search engine optimization) or website design unless those things directly relate to generating more revenue.

Waste no more time; start making money on the Internet and stop being broke visit for more articles, tips and resources.

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