How to Make Money Online?

You make money online the same way you make money offline, you sell something or give something away for free in hopes of obtaining significant traffic to your website or blog then you sell advertisement space.

Traditionally, you would sell a product or service. On the Internet you could sell a product, service or information in the form of digital content. You could create (acquire) and sell original content (information) in the form of an mp3 download, audio book, ebook, special report, video or podcast to make money online. The Internet allows you to sell and make money online without having to interact in person. Better yet by selling online you could have a store that never closes.

While selling an mp3 download, audio book, ebook, special report, video or podcast is a great way to make money online you could give away the information to entice visitors to frequent your site. By giving something away for free, your site or blogs traffic could increase significantly overtime, making it ideal for companies and other individuals to advertise, ultimately adding another way for you to make money online.

I use this method with this and other blogs I maintain. Essentially, I give you valuable information, resources and links to help you make money online. As I continue to update the blogs and websites with valuable information, resources and links you continue to return. More than likely you’ll create a link from your site to this one increasing the traffic to this blog even more. As more people frequent the Make Money Online Goldmine Blog it becomes a great place for advertisers to place their ads.

On other sites such as Make Money Self Publishing I sell a digital product. In order to truly find your niche and increase your chances that you’ll make money online you’ll want to try a number of different things. As you read through my previous post and Make Money Self Publishing your creative juices should begin to flow on the different ways you can make money online.

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