Make Money Online by Driving Traffic

In order to make money online, you'll need to know how to constantly drive targeted traffic to your sells page. Keep in mind that strategies and techniques may change, so the information, resources and wisdom should be viewed as dynamic not static.

It's been said it takes about seven (7) impressions before people respond to a ad. Meaning people must see, touch, taste, smell, hear and/or experience your offer before they will respond to it. With that being said your web address should be one that is easy to remember, such as,, or

You'll want to put your domain name on all of your printed material including business cards, flyers and letterhead, etc. Whenever attending an event that is largely attended by armed services personal distribute your promotional printed material. You'll want to create a buzz about your site by writing a string of press releases. Distribute your press releases to local and regional media in an attempt to get some coverage for your site, by doing so you'll have the chance to expose your business to a larger group of people. Another consideration is to buy Google or Yahoo Sponsored Links (ads) when done properly this could have a significant positive impact on your online business.

Create a series of info-videos giving relevant information to your end user and use the info-videos as a way to market and promote your site. When done correctly you could actually get paid to market your site. Click here to see how I use videos to monetize my web presence while promoting my site Follow me on for motivational messages and how to make money online.
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