Make Money Online w/ Google Adsense

Google Adsense is probably one of the easiest, quickest and most legit ways to position yourself to make residual/passive income online from your Internet presence. Essentially, you would have your own website, blog, web page or forum centered around a particular theme or subject. You would create targeted content about whatever you wanted. You could target information about modeling and talent agencies, self-publishing, the music business or making money online.

Then you would sign up for the Google Adsense Program.

After signing up you'd select a piece of html code provided by Google. You'd put the code on your site, web-page, forum, blog or whatever. Google would then place targeted ads on your website. Whenever someone clicked on the ads you'd get paid a fee per click. The amount you got paid per click would vary, it could be as low as a penny per click or a few dollars per click. To date Google does not disclose how much they pay per click, as it varies based on a number of factors including how popular a particular word or keyword phrase is.

The more targeted traffic you had on your site the greater the chances people will click on your ads. Many sites including Myspace use Google Adsense to generate additional revenue for their site. It doesn't cost you anything to join.
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