How I Make Money Online Using Multiple Streams of Revenue

While attending an Internet marketing seminar, I was reminded that you could make money online using multiple streams of revenue. You don’t need any specialized knowledge, skills or education. To make money online you could be old or young, rich or poor, black or white, male or female. What you should posses to make money online is a passion to succeed, burning desire almost to the point of obsession and access to a computer and the Internet.

You may use the computer for free at:

Your public library
The Goodwill
Department of Labor (U.S.)
Colleges & Universities
Religious or spiritual institution
Charitable organization

The Internet marketing seminar sparked my own creative genius and reminded me I’d been on track all along. Had I stayed the course a few years back I’d be generating millions not just for myself, but others as well. It’s fascinating to note what you will into existence when you truly set your mind to something. To this day I continue to come across magazines, books, websites and people that have information directly related on how to make money on the internet using multiple streams of revenue. The following materials have given me a wealth of information and are worth reading:


Millionaire $1,000,000 Blueprints Sept/Oct 2006
Millionaire $1,000,000 Blueprints Jan/Feb 2007
Opportunity World March/April 2007
Home Business June 2007


The E-Code by Joe Vitale and Jo Han Mok


How to Market Any Product or Service on the Internet
4-Fundamental Tools to Make Money on the Internet
12 Steps to Make Money on the Internet
Make Money Online within 7 Days
Search Engine Optimization Tactics
Make Money Self Publishing Online

The ingredients for success seem consist to make money online electronic publishing. Create an e-product such as, an e-book, info-product, special report or audio book. Sell your e-product as a secure digital download and make money on the Internet or give it away for free in an effort to get massive amounts of targeted traffic to your site and make money from advertising revenue. I’d suggest employing all the methods over time this increases your chances for long-term growth and success. You’ll want to get your own domain name, url or website address. You can get your own web address today at 1and1.

This is meant to either get you started or get your creative juices flowing so you can create and implement a practical plan for your ebook, info-product, special report or self published paper back book. Remember your plan need not be elaborate for you to achieve success. It does call for you to take immediate daily action.

One of the best ways to help yourself is to help others. Please link to this page, forward to others, bookmark in your favorites and take immediate action today.

JaWar, is the Author of the Music Industry Connection Book Series, How to Self Publish for Profit, the Atlanta Modeling Industry Secrets Revealed and numerous ebooks and special reports. He is a music business and self publishing consultant with an emphasis on marketing, strategic planning and implementation. To book JaWar for speaking engagements or set up consulting time call 800-963-0949 or contact Hasson at 404-964-1880.

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