Make Money Online with a Membership Site

Do you want to make money online?

Do you have some specialized knowledge? You can make money online.

Do you have the ability to acquire, create and/or gather new information in the form of text, audio and video regularly? You can make money online.

Are you passionate about a particular subject? You can make money online.

Do you have access to a computer and the Internet? You can make money online.

Consider creating and maintaining a membership site or blog and you can make money online on a regular basis (passive/residual) income.


  • The desire to make money online

  • Some specialized knowledge

    • Soccer mom
    • Little league coach
    • School teacher
    • Real estate agent
    • Best cookie maker
    • Personal trainer
    • Business consultant
    • Website designer
    • Songwriter
    • Grant writer
    • Musician
    • Journalist
    • Janitor
    • Stylist
    • Barber
    • Stock broker
    • Lawyer
    • Mechanic

  • A website or blog. Visit 1and1 to register your domain name. I’m an affiliate of 1and1.

  • The ability to make your membership site password protected.

  • The ability to accept payment or credit cards through the Internet, Paypal is worth considering to help you make money online by processing credit cards. Paypal has a feature where you can set recurring billing on members’ credit cards.

There are greater details on setting up and maintaining a membership website or blog to help you make money online. I merely wanted to introduce the possibilities to you. The January/February 2007 Issue of Millionaire ($1,000,000) Blueprint has great information about membership based websites and how to make money online using them.

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