Should you be a business owner, investor, entrepreneur or self employed?

In many instances you'll find that in order to quantum leap your financial resources, to become rich and wealthy you'll have to move beyond being an employee to one of business owner, investor, entrepreneur or at a minimum self-employed.

If you haven't been conditioned or taught to do for yourself as it relates to being a business owner the thought can be daunting or scary to say the least. You're reminded that there are literally millions of people who own their own businesses if nothing more than to supplement the income they receive from their regular job, boost retirement savings, increase their freedom fund or simply ensure they aren't too dependent on one source of revenue.

While you're never too old to get started owning and operating your own business the sooner you get started the better.

Entrepreneurship, being a business owner, investor or self-employed should be part of one's academic and life lessons before graduating high school. This is especially true for future generations.

Most of us have learned that you can not be too dependent upon any major corporation or government to provide for you and your family. Additionally, the money you may have saved over a number of years, the equity built up in your home or investment properties could be wiped out at any time with little control on your part.

To give yourself and your family the best opportunities for long-term success not only is it wise to invest in different industries and asset classes it's equally if not more wise to invest in various business ventures, products and services.

I don't claim to have all the answers, but what's been shared seems like basic knowledge and again the goal is to encourage the youth to pay greater attention to entrepreneurship, being a business owner, investor or self-employed. Just think how far you and I would have been if someone had only shared this information with us earlier on.

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