Make Money Online as an Affiliate

In addition to the other revenue sources mentioned in previous blogs, affiliate programs are another way you can make money online. Here is a quick link source to previous blogs with ways to make money online.

An affiliate program is a profit sharing opportunity. Typically affiliate programs are fully (100%) commissioned based. Meaning you only get paid when you make money online. Here’s how affiliate programs usually work.

  • You sign up as an affiliate member.
  • You received a unique link code (html).

  • You market and promote your site to get a significant number of people in your target market to visit your website, blog or social networking site.

  • Some of your web or blog traffic will buy the products and services that you are an affiliate member.

  • The company you are an affiliate member will send you a check or wire money into your checking or Paypal Account.

This is the bare bones basics of how an affiliate program works. Throughout my blogs and websites I incorporate affiliate links. The affiliate links are useful for the readers of that particular blog or website. You’ll want to always read the terms of an affiliate program before joining. You’ll want to get an ein or taxpayer i.d. if you are doing business in the United States. This will ensure you don’t give your social security number over the Internet.

Revenue magazine is dedicated to the affiliate industry. It’s worth reading. There are always links, resources and tips on how to make money online.

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