Make Money Online with Your RSS Feed

Syndicating your blog using an rss or atom feed is a spectacular way to ensure your readers remain loyal; you build your brand and painlessly market your message in your pursuit to make money online.

An rss or atom feed sort of works like an opt-in email list in that readers must subscribe to your feed in order to receive it. One of the major benefits and differences between a feed and an opt-in in email list is whenever you update (add new content) your blog everyone that subscribes to your feed is automatically notified. With an opt-in email list you have to send an email to your subscribers whenever you want to let them know your blog has been updated.

Until recently I wasn’t aware you could make money online by including advertising in your rss feed. Pheedo gives you the ability to place advertisements in your feed and on your actual blog, creating yet another opportunity to make money online while you sleep.

To increase my potential to make money online, I recently joined the Pheedo program. The ads in the feed are suppose to be related to the subject of your feed of blog. You’re my best critics, I encourage you to subscribe to the feed, so I can make money online. Seriously, your feedback about how the feeds look and the quality of the ads in the feed is most important to me.

I look forward to reading your comments and hope you make money online everyday.
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